• New molecules detected and studied using microwave and photoelectron spectroscopy techniques in synergistic combination.

The new molecules were mainly detected using twin techniques photoelectron and microwave spectroscopy in synergistic combination. A molecule might be more easily detected using one technique than the other and so using the two together often made success in detection more efficient. For instance it turned out to be very easy to detect the monomer of thioacetaldehyde by pyrolysis of the trimer by photoelectron spectroscopy (see image below) and piggyback on that result using microwave techniques (see image further below). Most of the molecules were detected in the products of a thermolysis using a quartz tube furnace as shown just below. The overall approach is reviewed here: Tilden Lecture Intro  Tilden Lecture 1982

Chem Soc Revs cs9821100435



Capture Thermolysis apparatus

Capture MeCHS PE


Capture mw thioacetaldehyde


Capture c60 image