Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2004

In 2004 Allen Jones and David Hockney curated the RA Summer Exhibition and devoted one room to people who use their hands to draw etc as an aid to their work.  I guess you could say I got in by the back door!


AJ This man, Sir Harry Kroto – he’s a Nobel prize winner because he discovered a new carbon element. He said he went to art school and wanted to be a designer, but he somehow got into chemistry. He says, “Well, I was just playing and it was a conceptual argument about whether you could close this sphere with an octagon.” He thought about this then he looked at Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic dome. Through doing this he discovered a molecule that was exactly that construction, which was the new carbon element for which he has won a Nobel prize. He’s totally messianic about his commitment to drawing. It’s just making the point that drawing is a very basic way of communicating and rationalising one’s ideas. The fact that it’s somehow seen as a recreational pastime now in educational establishments is a shame.

Allen did not remember things perfectly but he got the spirit right