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These are some of my powerpoint sub-files to which I hyperlink from  the master powerpoint. This gives me  time control as I can skip something with a short comment. Quick restructuring ability when constructing a lecture. Note  that I use a characteristic image on the hyperlinking slide in the master so I  can recognise a topic easily in the matrix.  I do not use a pointer I try to bring in text or images when I need them. I seldom have anything on a slide with which I d not deal.


Note In these powerpoint subfiles there is often a blank slide after which research info may be found.  I have tried as much as humanly  possible to credit sources…but I am only human!   All my stuff is free to be used for teaching.  If how ever you  make money out of my stuff do feel obligated to send me 500% of what you get

3 Senses SEND    4 Horsemen    30secChem    1st and 14th Amendments    [p,q]    2D Nickel compound    4-level laser Scheme    3 Body Collision    3 Degree Background    4n+2 Rule    21cm Line    4 out of 5 rule    4 out of 5 Stat

ABC H Atom   ABC Rotation of Diatomic molecule   Abelard   Absorption Coefficient Accellerating Charge   Adams   Age of Ignorance   Agnelli Kids Workshop   Agora Airflow Cycling   Al Khwarizmi S   Alan Crotzer S   Alec Jeffries   Alexandria Library ALGEBRA Short   AlMg   Ammonia Inversion Potential   Ammonia inversion Ammonia Maser    Ampere

Anaesthetics Angela Merkel Angular Momentum Anharmonic Oscillator Another Way Answer Ap2 Apocalypse Now Apollo 13 Apostasy Khoran Apoxyomenos Apple Censorship China Apples ApplicationsofChemistry Archimedes Palimpsest Archimedes ARCHITECTURE Architecture Aristotle ART Arthur Miller Artisan Works Artists and Science Assessment minus research association Astronomy Astrophysics  Atomic Bomb  ATP Synthase Dynamic Attitude Audience Aurorae

Balmer SeriesBataviaBarraganBeatlesBBC Hooke BlogBeatles RecordsBanksBakhshali ManuscriptBeetlesBeer Lambert LawBEAUTYBEAUTIFULPATTERNSBebelplatzBending the BallBELFASTBenjamin FranklinBenzyneBenzyne 2Bertrand Russell PhilosophyBernal PicassoBEWAREBig BenBerlin DeclarationBIG UBig Bang Hydrogen SendBilateral Symmetry EngineeringBill ofRightsBiomolecular MachinesBirth of Natural Philosophy SENDBilly ConnollyBirth of NanotubeBlair First StatementBirobidzhanBlack Cloud InfraredBlair GeorgetownBlasphemyBlogBliar

Bohr Atom wBook Burning History ShortBoltzmann Population with DegneracyBodanisBNMechanismBoBook Burning RollerBorn Oppenheimer Separation Vib RotBorn Oppneheimer DiracBoredBuckyball Workshop FSUBorn Oppenheimer Theory SimpleBorn Oppenheimer Separation Electronic Vib RotBrussels DeclarationBronowskiIBuckyballWorkshopWorldBuckyworldC gradeBuckyballsDownUnderBusiness as Usual

C28 new SC60 and 4 5 Rulec60 Black Friday & nmr spectrumC2 to Fullerene, Prof.Kroto, From Endoプレゼンテーション1C60 Architecture Science Very SHORTC60 Charge TransferC60 and Expo 67 in Graphis wC60 ExtractionC60 BouncingC60 Google single slideC60 Image StoreC60 Red Giant animation slide2C60 Part 1 ExperimentC60+C60 in SpaceC60+C60DiscSimpleC60La Deflated Soccerball StoryC60SHORTC70C76TypePotential

CARBON CONSTRUCTION KITCalvin&HobbsCapture StationCantorCAMPAIGNCalculusCarbon Multiple BondsCartoonsCartoonDoonesburyCARBONVAPOURCarbonSphereAnnealingCat Stevens and Islamic SchoolsCatalyticParticlesCat StevensCarbon ResonanceCause and EffectCCCCasioCellsCCCCCCCCCCCBr RadicalCBEReptJun04ZCelebrityCCCCCC2Chain Vibration DynamicsChemistryCoatHangerChemistry Central ScienceChemical Self Assembly SENDCH3CH=SChristiaan Huygens Z wCervantesCity Lights BookstoreChildrens Drawings NZ SClimate Change QuestionsClimate Change SClancy BrothersClocksClosed Network Growth Y sendCloudsClocks&WatchesChilean MinersClusters of GalaxieslCluster Beam FT-ICR-MS

CO Infra Red Spectrum ColinCNN ReportCO Rotational IR Spectrum Problem SolutionCN 3 Degree SpectrumCO2 Asym Stretch 0CO Rotational SpectrumCO Rotational Spectrum PROBLEMCO2 Asym Stretch 1CO2 Greenhouse EffectCO2 Map AnimationCO2 Green House EffectCO2 LaserCO2 Sym Stretch 0COCO2 Vibrational IR Spectrum (2)CO2 SymBend 0CO2 SymBend 1Coathanger SculptureCoathanger Sculpture Peanuts NewCO2 Sym Stretch 1CO2 Vibrational IR SpectrumCOMETSCO2 Vibrations WebCollision etc LifetimesComet Spectra LongComfort BlanketComicsCommon SenseCONDENSEDPHASEcompositesCommunicating with the audienceConflicts TodayConflicts Today plus EvidenceCopy of Facets of ScienceConnecting Presentation ModulesContinentsCopy of NITROSOETHANEConfuciusCorannuleneCopernicusCreating a powerpoint presentationCousinsCreativite Sans Frontiere InroCroatiaCu PrashantCrace ArmstrongCross MultiplicationCrusadersCultural RevolutioncubopptCV StandardCuttings DiaryCV Standard minus research


DaltonA Dante Darwin BBC Film Dark Ages America Darwin Darwin Logo and Tee shirt Diffraction David Hume Decider DeBroglie Darwins Dangerous Idea Diffuse Interstellar Bands Digital Watch Dilemma Dinosaur Drawings Diophantus Diode Lasers Dipole Moment Matrix Element Dirac prophet Dipole Moments Dirac Dirac Equation Motl Blog DNA Base Pairing 2 Disorder Zn A 2A DNA Base Pairing Discovery Institute Disorder Zn Sideways DNA Extraction DNA Models Dogma and Ambition DNA Films Dogma vs No Dogma DNA X-ray Images DNA Slide original only Dome pagePPT Doppler Shift Calc IRS+10216 Doubt a History Double Resonance Spectroscopy DOUBT Dostoevsky DOUBTMaster DOUBTII DungBeetle DownLoadable Material DynamicMolecules Dowd DOUBT0


eijkEinstein and Spinoza New (2)eE=mc2Einstein and Spinoza New ShortEinstein and Spinoza QuoteEinstein CoeffcientsEinstein and Spinoza NewEinstein Coeffs Interstellar ProcessesEinsteinandSpinozaEinstein and Spinoza ZEinsteinEinstein LetterEducation what forEarningsEarth’s Magnetic Field

Electronic Specrtoscopy CometsElectronic Spectra Frank Condon EEM Timeline QTIEncyclpediasElectricMotorsEmilie de ChateletEndohedral Lanthanides Ln, group 1,2,3Eleven ProblemsEnd of Human EvolutionEndo SEndohedral LanthanidesEndos_Ln, group 1,2,3EnemiesEndohedral Fullerene Comparison SpectraEnrico Fermi StampEnglishEnron EconomicsEndohedralFullerenesZEthical Purpose of EducationEnronEsplanadeEuropeEuler EquationEuroSETEurope in the 16th CenturyEquationsEUpresentationEurope shortEurope in 16th CenturyEvolution AdvertEvolution AdvertPPTZEvolution – the Truth at LastlEvidenceEvolution and ImamExplodingStarsEvolution JigsawExpelledexExpert


Facets of ScienceF = -kxFather and Son BondingFaraday (2)F = -kx NewFermi Golden Rule SimpleFCR STEM presentation X 5-3-07Fermi Golden Rule Simple ZFeynman on Algebra and CalculusFahrenheit 451FermiFCR-STEMFeynman on ConflictFirst EnlightenmentFine Structure ConstantFirst Enlightenment CFeedbackFerrite Core Memory SENDFive ObservationsFlagsFeynman on DoubtFlowersFinland 2009FoodforThoughFlightFlamesFont SizeFlorida SenatorsFounding FathersFoundationsofSciencePhilosophyFolon ShortFox TVFlash PhotolysisFrancis BaconFranklin New TrickFRANKForbidden Spectra AuroraFour point contactFowler’s Modern English UsageFrancis CollinsFourier TransformFranck Condon Priciple II SendFraunhofer (2)Foundation for Excellence in EducationFranklin TogetherFreethinkers Picture BookFred HoyleFraunhoferFreebies EFreedomToDoubtFreethinking NationsFruitsof ConvictionFSU Cluster Beam FT ICR MS apparatus 2FreeThinking NationsFSU Chemistry ResearchFT-ICR-MS Cluster Beam ApparatusFSU GroupFranklinFSUFullerene ChemistryFullerene Growth Mechanism YFUNDAMENTALvAPPLIEDFundamantal Commutators QMFSU FT ICR MS Cluster Beam Setup Fullerenes are for Children-1Fullerene MS Intensities


GamowGeneration AtheistGalileo Telescopegeo 1GalaxiesGalileo 2GaloisGeneticEngineeringIGEO LOGO DynamicGeneticEngineeringI SENDGeo 2Geo 2 LGeoset 1 A GYWW IntroGEO StrandsGeo programmesGeoset 1 C Teaching Module AlgebraGeoset 1 B Basic Geoset InfoGeoset 1 E Streamed Lectures and WkshpsGEOGeoset 1 D Student Project BonusGeoset 1 E BaylorGeoset 1 F Climate Schools ProjectGeoset 1 G Student Feedback BaylorGEOSET BaylorGeoset 1 E Baylor ZGEOSET BaylorGEOSET EEA Schools Climate Change ProjectGeoset ContentGeoset Hall of FAME SGEOSET Home Page XGeoset EEA Climate Project for Schoolsgeoset last slideGEOSET Logo PPT animated version plus extended BMP ZGeoset NetworkGeoset Student Feedback HoustonGeoset StudiosGEOSET Website graphics YYYY 17 Ap 2011G-Force IGIANT FULLERENES LongGeoset TeamGEOSET Website graphics ZZ Main 15 May 2011GIANT FULLERENESGiantFullereneSculptureGingrichGIANT FULLERENES TWOGlobal Factions StatsGlobal CitizenshipGlobal WarmingGlass of WaterGod TVGood BookGorillaGrain Surface ReactionsGolf BallsGranadaGove MurdochGratings  Guatelli Museum W GuernicaGriffiths and AveryGraphics0Guiness toll bridge advertGuy BilloutGYW WorldGuinessGutenbergGYWW-C60GYWW VS


H 21 cm LineH atom spectrum AH atom spectrumHaber Bosch ProcessH atom spectrum Radio LinesHaldaneH2 Dissociation Energy GH Kolos & W etc WebHarmonic Oscillator HamiltonianHalley’s Comet TrajectoryHaemoglobinH3+ WH2 vibrationHandednessHamiltonHalf Price BookstoresHarmonic OscillatorHamiltonianHarrison ClocksHarmony of what existsHC5N SHarmonic Oscillator QMHawkingharry_nt_growthHarry PotterHarun Yahya GenevaHawkingn plusHC5NHCScienceMeetHC7NHC7N Media HypeHC7NHC7N Radio Detection WHeinrich HeineHCl vibrationHelicalGrowthHCl vibrationHeliocentrism EvidenceHealth WarningHelicalGrowth2Heliocentrism HistoryHeliocentrismHeller 3HellerHelpHe-Ne LaserHitler Anti Religious StatementsHeller 2HISTORYHintenberger et alHitler Anti Atheist QuotesHieronymus BoschHitler QuotesHitler ReligionHK Graphics FontsHK LogoHK Logos SymmetricHenry V sHK Graphics Bunsen BurnerHOCO+ ProblemHolyrood Speech AnalysisHolyrood AHomeworkHoneycomb Structure ProjectHoneycomb Structure Project IIHOCO+HookeHorizon clipHolyrood Speech ReactionHookes Law NewHooke SendHouse of LordsHookes LawHow We GotHereHouseofCommonsHouse of Lords ShortHoyleHox GenesHoyleramaHuman Rights WatchHouseofCommons1HuntingHumanist Set DiagramHWK Graphics Bunsen BurnerHuygens NotesHumour is Tricky   Huygens NotesHWK Graphics SheffieldHWK Graphics LogosHuntingHWK Graphics Bunsen BurnerHWK LogosHWKGraphics0HWK Graphics T ShirtsHWKgraphics1HWK Logos recent ReducedHydrogen Bonding WaterHydrogen Atom SpectrumhwkHydrogen LCAO MOHydrogen SummaryHydrogen HistoryHydrogen SpectrumHypatiaHydrogen Bonding DNAHydrogenAtom Wavefunction


ICMRICMRIconic ImageIcelandIcosahedral Symmetry FascinationIceIf C60 is a cageIceCoreCO2[1]IMSIlogoIconic ImageInsulinIndian MathematicsimagebankIdeaINESIndoctrination 2INTERNETEDUCATIONInternetAIndoctrinationInternetInternetAdvantagesInfinitiesIngestionIngestionEwelsZInternetStrategyInterstellar MaserInternetTeachingInterstellar Molecules TablesIntegersInterstellar SpectraIon Molecule Reaction Sequence H2OInterstellar MediumIonisationInterstellar MatterIPICyTIRC+10216 DiscoveryIRC+10216 Dust HC5NIraqIRC+10216 LIPICyTIsaac BarrowIsotope Fractionation SIsaac NewtonItalgasMasterIsotope Fractionation S2 TestIsotope FractionationIsotope Fractionation S3 TestIUPACNameISM_Molecules


Jo Rotblat Short 2JainJapanese Flag NewJaffnaJeffersonjanJapanWorkshop_Jo Rotblat ShortJapaneseJacksonPollockjournalistsJudiciaryKappa EducationJustHowSmallisaBuckyball


Kalicos3pptyKantKappa – NationalityKappa – VII Science EducationKappa I checkKant IIKappa IKappa I DoubtJupiterKappa II Fossil EnergyKappa IIKappa IVKappa III ShawKappa STOREKappa IIIKappa IVChemistsKappa Strength of ScienceKappa VKappa VIKappa -STOREKelleyKasparKappa Internationality of ScienceKentucky Fried Creativity SEND PDFKappa TruthKentucky Fried Creation Museum Visit IIKentucky Fried ScienceKey Aspects of ScienceKids drawings environmental projectKF&D Single animated slideKids World TodayKentucky Fried Creation Museum VisitKids Workshops ImageskidsworkshopAKilling Animals for PleasureKids’ Workshops Man UKind Hearts and CoronetsKidsWorkshopJapan.ppt [Recovered]Kinetic EnergyKirchhoffKitajKRI


LanguageIILanguage and Culture NewLanguage and CultureLanguage and Culture ShortLaser Induced FluorescenceLCAO MO Diatonmic MoleculesLCAO MO Diatonmic Molecules SendLe PapierLANGUAGELeibnizLaws of ScienceLavoisierLeon LedermanLemmaLeadersLasersLeonor Fini etcLibertyLetter WLiebigLightLiquid DropletsLimitsof ScienceLiquids are goLogosLMBLouisianaLourdeslogosvega nestaLUCYLyme Regis


MakeaBuckyballMain Group MoleculesMadMediaetcMalariaMarconiMalrauxManchesterUnitedMap FSU CampusM@C28Mark RileyMarin County Civic Centre ShortMaps SendMadisonMantellMarquisMarletteMark TwainMatricesMaxwell HippelMaserMaxwellMaxwell (2)Maxwell’s TheoryMaxwell SummaryMayan CodicesMeaningMeccanoetcMaybe.ppt [Recovered]Meccanoetc V short SENDMeccanoetc shortMECHANISMMECHANISM IMcDonaldsMasterCelestialSpheremechanism3McCainMechanismIIIMECHANISMMASTERMECHANISM IIMedication WarningMediaetcMendelMenckenMichel FoucaultMicrowaveNitrosoEthaneMegaChurches etcMicrowave SpectrometerMicrowavePolyynesMicrowave OvenMendeleevMicrowave SourcesMilky Way FogMilky Way Spiral OkaMISCMilky WayMilky Way Spiral StructureMicrowaveSpectraModernists CreationistsMitsubishi PresentationMiss World Maths QuestionMisplaced CreditMolecular Shock AbsorberMonsieur JourdainMoleculesinMotionMormons MuslimsMolMachines2Murdoch SMultidisciplinarityMurdoch Education STS Forum WSJ FoxMost Important KnowledgeMultiple Bonded SpeciesMurdoch STS ForumMurdoch Pope PresentationMongolsMurdoch EducationMurdochMWNT iron catalysed formationMyDogIMy DreamMyDogIIaMyDogII


N&NName BuckminsterfullereneNanotube ApplicationsNanodesignNanoscale (chemical) Engineering AccuracyNanotube StorageN&NLogoNanotube RevolutionNanotubeGalleryNANOTUBES propertiesNANOTUBES Single WallNANOTUBES the Big ChallengeNANOTUBES formationNANOWIRESNANOTUBES structuresNational GeographicNANOTUBES Ultimate materialNature Bilateral SymmetryNatural PhilosophyNATURENature Icosahedral SymmetryNazi religionNCNCS Photoelectron SpectrumNature reverenceN-CNTsNew Zealand StampNeutrinoNCNCSNewton IntegrationNextGen4NiCHDCplanarNicoleNickel etc India poster PrashantNickel 2D Layer CompoundNickel compoundNIHONBUCKYNm-NnNobel Peace PrizeNitrosoethaneNinevehNobel Responses on GodNobelNikon Microscope ImagesNorman HeatleyNorthern IrelandNONCARBONNorwayNumeracyNumbers New ZNRCNursing Miscalculation

Oersted etc QTI (2)Orion (2)OkaOrion vsOccams RazorOptical IllusionOrion Japanese ObservationsOrion GMC How BigOrion Nebula BirthOrionOrthogonality SHO WavefunctionsOrthogonality SHO Wavefunctions Frank CondonOur SunOz LogoOthelloOxygen


Radioastronomy New ZRadioastronomy NewRadarRamanRaman Spectrum N2RADIOASTRONOMY ZRadiansRADIOASTRONOMY Z1Rat KingRayleigh ScatteringRcos theta problemRayleigh Scattering Short SendRecordeRecap – Rot & Vib Energy LevelsReal de CatorceRed Giant Spectra SRed Square NebulaRed RectangleRed Solution JournalReligious ConflictsReaction Coordinate EnergyRefereesC60Religion Science FlowchartsResonanceReligious Conflicts oneResearchStrategyRetrograde Motion of the PlanetsResonance FactorRoger Dean BudgieRice First VisitRice Second VisitRoger DeanRotational Energy Levelsrotation model zn-ZRoman Numerals – MillionRoman NumbersRotational motion classicalRotational motion quantum mechanicsRotational Raman SpectroscopyRotational Spectrum Linear MolROUNDPEG C60 lectureRotational Spectrum CORo-Vibronic SpectroscopyRotational TransitionsRuby Laser


Sacco and Vanzetti

Sagan’s ParentsSaganSan Luis Potosi Workshop2Sandra Day O’ConnorSc2@C661San Luis Potosi WorkshopScattering (2)SaunaScattering Theory Quantum PictureScattering Theory SummaryScattering TheoryScatteringSCHOOLScaleofChemistrySchool etc IISchroedinger EquationSchroedingerSchroedinger RecipeSchroedinger EqnSchroedinger Equation SSchroedingerScience from Art ShortScience – My Definition SendScience Pros and ConsScience – My DefinitionScientificGuidelinesScience IIScience ZSecond Row AnaloguesSCIENCESecond Dark AgeSecularity research PPT Feb 2012Scientists StrengthSeeingBelievingSentamuSeparation Elec – Vib – RotSelection RulesSelection Rule JSeparation of Motion – QMSeminolesSeparation Vibration RotationShall and WillSeparation of motion – ClassicalSHAPES AND PATTERNSSHORT STORYSerifsSHORTNANOTECHSheffield UniversitySiSilly BillySimon JenkinsSignal to NoiseSequentialSlides and OverheadsSingle SlideSizeSimple Harmonic OscillatorSimple Algorithm for TruthSmallFullerenessmeSome Observations on C60Solar Eclipse Observation Special RelativitySodium D LinesSloughSo What is Coming OutSpectrometer PrismSpectroscopy and ArtSpectroscopySpectrometers Comparedspinoza shortSpin   Sponsors3SRBspinozaStabilisationSpiral GalaxiesStampsSpitzer TelescopeStar TrekStained Glass WindowStar Lines – SummaryStar Spangled BannerStarsStellar BirthStardustStardome SlidesStart TestStars (2)StatisticsStellar CollapseStellar Life CycleStellar H FusionStellar SynthesisStellar CyclesStineStrategic Funding of ScienceSTM AFMStoreofKnowledgeSun Life LineSubstituion StructureSub Prime Primer-1SunSussex Senate BroadcastSussexSustainability copySussexNanoScienceSustainabilitySWNTsSymmetric ObjectsSymmetry CagesSymmetry in Art and GraphicsSYMMETRY YRTEMMYSSynthesisSynthesis of Elements and Carbon Resonance


Tattoo SecretTake a StandTabashTattoos STable of percent of AtheistsTeacher ShortageTaylor McLaurin SeriesTeachers TV abd the WebTeachersIntResourceTBTattoos VS sendTeaching – The ProblemTeapotTemplatesTemperature RiseTempleton Prize 2Telescope ResolutionTennisTempleton PressThe Big ProblemTEST Sept 2011The Power Mecca etcThe REal Cost of Air ConditioningThen there were 3Templeton PrizeThey’re WrongThird MantheBallarrivesthoughtthreeMainFacetsThirringTiktaalikThunderbirdsTim Berners LeeTime Independent + depednent HTi@Cn cluster data 12 Sept 2010Time Dependent TheoryTime Independent TheoryTop One PaintingsTony CheethamTom Paine S GeneralTheoriesTRANSFERTime Dep S Equation Selection Rules Fermi Golden RuleTranslation Chinese CharactersTMCTravel Agent BoltonTriassic Fossils II SendTree shirtTriassic FossilsTypical Powerpoint PresentationTriassic Fossils IITunable Dye Lasers StoreTunable Dye LasersTyler Intro 17 Feb 2012Two WorldsTubingenTiling


U Toledo QM notes    UK Science GraduatesUnited Nations BlasphemyUnrepresented shortUniverse MapsUniverse – SummaryU@C28Useful DataUnrepresented State of the WorldUtahUnrepresented State of AmericaUseful NumbersUses


Vega InterviewsVanVleckVan der Waals ForcesValkyrie StatueVanVleck SVega Nobel Laureat InterviewsVegaStatisticsVEGAAWARDVariational PrincipleVegaProsvegaStatsVega ProgrammesVegaTeachersPageVEGAxVenus of half shell PLUSVibration Rotation Spectroscopy SVirginia ActVenus of half shellViewsVibrations of atoms in crystalVibrational WavefunctionsVirginia StatuteVirus GraphicsVirus ShortVirus


Walton Polyyne Synthesis Send for CaroleWalt Whitman SWalton Polyyne Synthesis SWalt WhitmanWandering IIWars New SendWandering IIIWanderingWalton Polyyne SynthesisWarsiWater Splitting IIWars NewWebsiteWANT2SAVETHEWORLDWedge slidesWaterWeighing OrionWhatisaChemistwebsiteTransferWhereWeCameFromWhatareWeMadeOfWhatHasChemistryDoneForUsWholeNewBallgameWhyAre We HereWhistleWillem s’ Gravesande SWhatYouCanDoWilkins Ice BridgeWORKSHOPSWorldWiredSchool  Wycliffe Bible ShortWycliffe Bible Clausen

X ray Diffraction X-ray Diffraction Fibre  X-ray Diffactometers

Young People

Zack KopplinZeppelinZigZagEtcZero IndiaZinc Compound Structure 3 slide set motionZinc Compound StructureZinc CompoundZinc 3 set amalagamZinc rotation Z