Starting from LAX a good thing to do is to go to sunset Plaza and have a ravioli for lunch at pavement restaurant.

A great bookshop just down the road his book soup

maybe stay in Santa Monica great art bookstore and  Hennessy and in goals

kit I used to sit in the corner of the coffee bean in Westwood where Stephen recognise him and we got to be friends and we filmed his last interview really nice guy

driver PCH from Santa Monica to Camarillo where perhaps head inland to 101 has it will take a lot of time to drive through Ventura follow 101 until it meets Highway one again and drive onto Santa Barbara. Good place for lunch is XXX.

San Luis Obispo is a great place to stop as well good bookshops et cetera

head up north on PCH to morrow they may for breakfast may be overlooking the harbour and the rock

on further and further maybe Miss out XXX not my sort of place really

further up his nepenthe good place for lunch and is another good shop/bookshop

drive on to Carmel and Monterey both getting bit too trendy for our tastes

you could drive along the coast to Santa cruz when he takes quite a long time

decision to be made drive quickly if there is no traffic jam 101 on the Salinas road or go along Carmel Valley Road 2101… Takes quite a bit longer if you want to get to San Francisco quickly

the drag in two San Francisco on 101 is a bit tedious for using much quicker than along the coast

great place to say is a cow Hollow motoring on Lombard Street so you can mosey around Chestnut and XXX street lots of things to do in San Francisco

had up over the Golden Gate and now you have a choice to go off on PCH through your new awards Muir Woods or stay on 101 to San Pedro road and stop at Marilyn County Civic Centre

if you go off on PCH great drive along the coast and maybe head back inland to Sonoma and Napa had various possible points along the coast

if you say on 101 to stop admiring county civic centre for breakfast not a great(breakfast part but sitting out on the patio maybe with some ducks seeing Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece is worth it. He figures in the film Gattaca

then head off of 101 and get off at the Napa exit follow the road and head north when you see the Sonoma exit. Nice place with a nice square good restaurants and a great book store

head out of Sonoma along the Valley of the Moon and look out carefully for Trinity Road which turns into the Oakville grade on the other side of the hills as it comes down into Napa. This is a really nice little road.

And the bottom of the hill in Napa is the Oakville grocery store where you can get some good cheese et cetera.


Now you have a choice again you could go to one of the venues Vineyards around but we usually choose one on the side of a hill a good one is Joseph Phelps or Rutherford so you can look down on the valley. They can buy a bottle of wine I need to cheese and bread et cetera.

Recently however he have gone to Quixote by you have two book and it’s not that easy to find is on the Silverado Trail’s other men’s southern end. This is well worth doing a $25 has it has some very nice artwork and the wine tasting is very good indeed. They added incentive is that this vineyard is the only place in North America designed by hundred plus hundred at fatter.

Another possibility is go to the Hess Gallery some very interesting are

returning to San Francisco good idea to stop for dinner at the spinnaker in Sausalito and watch the lights go out in San Francisco across the bay. Or course today finishing the day with dinner in San Francisco.