The C60 discovery paper

C60 Nature paper 318162a0

The electronic spectrum of CBr – my first paperĀ 

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Personal overview of the discover of C60

C60_the celestial sphere that fell to earh_(1992 ANGEW CHEMIE)

Review of molecular spectroscopy results on the detection of new molcules

Tilden Lecture 1982 Chem Soc Revs cs9821100435

1988 paper which first described the Isolated Pentagon Rule (IPR) for Fullerene stability and predicted the tetravalency and metastability of the small fullerene C28

IPR and C28 Nature paperKroto

Personal overview of the discovery of C60

Space, Stars, C60, and Soot (1988)_

Review of the impact of the C60 discovery on molecules in space in particular the Diffuse Interstellar Bands DIBs puzzle

a postbuckminsterfullerene view of carbon in the galaxy_

(1992 Acc Chem Res)HWKroto-1987 discussing the possibiliy of C60 and its analogues in space and as DIB carriers
GA CBrCapture C60 Nature abstract
Capture NCN Letter JCP