Louis Perticone of Artisan Works (Rochester NY)



Michael Louis and me


My Brother

2014-01-16 11.25.35

My Bullfight painting triptych

2014-01-16 11.25.08

2014-01-16 11.24.52  Kroto June 2013 Flier

(below) Stills from a Kroto Film &Design Film “Artisan Works” directed by Stephen Kroto

Capture Bike ArtisanW

Capture Artisan View

Capture REO Speedwagon

Capture Artist

Capture Artist 2

Capture Mark Groaning

Capture Warhols

Capture April

Capture Richard Quataert

Capture Ross

Capture Ross and car

Capture Louis with Fire Engine

Capture Ramon work

Capture Lloyd Wright Room

Capture Bucky

Capture Martine Lepore

Capture Patrick Doyle

Capture Patrick Expanded

Capture Lori


Capture Santiago 2