Ian McKellen  Capture Ian McKellen


Maryam Namazie  Capture Maryam

Kitaj     Self-portrait 2007 R.B. Kitaj 1932-2007 Presented by the family of R. B. Kitaj from the Estate of the artist 2010


Karin Szekessy and Paul Wunderlich
Capture Streicholz small Capture Karin Capture Paul

Paul Wunderlich Karin Szekessy S Paul Wunderlich Karin Szekessy S   with my all-time favourite painting..Streichholz      Madame Recamier

Roger Dean  Capture Roger Dean  Capture Roger Dean


John Maier  Capture John Maier   C60+


Louis Perticone of Artisan Works   Capture Louis Perticone


Jim Watson    Capture JKGW


 John (Kappa) Cornforth Capture Kappa

Everybody must read  this Scientists as Citizens


Richard Dixon   Capture Richard Dixon


Danko Bosanac  Danko

Bob Curl   Capture Bob


Nick Westwood    westwood


Alan Mackay   Alan_Lindsay_Mackay
Humberto Terrones



Naresh Dalal  Capture Naresh   One of Midnight’s Children

Reg Colin  Capture Reg Colin


Alan Marshall  Jan 2016 Five Selected Marshall Public’ns for Harry Kroto
sub Alan Marshall


Michael Kasha     kasha


Gustav Born  born_grab_150.jpg_150x150


Jo Rotblat  Capture Jo Rotblat Picture 019


Colin Byfleet     Capture Colin

Steve Acquah   Capture Steve A

Mike Jura



Penny Gilmer    Capture Penny

Amand Lucas  Capture Amand Lucas


Jon Hare  Capture Jon Hare
Jon extracted C60 at Sussex the Monday before the fantastic paper of Kraetschmer annd Huffman landed on my desk on the following Friday to b refereed!!!! Bad day at Brighton Rock. Have a look at his greatb website:


Dave Walton  Capture Dave Walton   David  was the the person who pioneered the synthesis of very long linear chains of carbon atoms… the polyynes: Walton Polyyne Synthesis Send for Carole. Carbyne is a mythical creature that people who know nothing about acetylene chemistry think is a real compound. Anyone who  may have tried to condense a polyyne without bulky groups on the is probably dead!

Don McNaughton  don_mc_nau

Takeshi Oka  Capture Oka

Takeshi made one of the breakthroughs of the Century… the detection of the spectrum of H3+  PTRS2363

my 45 years of chemistry_memoirs of Takeshi Oka (2013 J Phys Chem A)  oka-readings2 PNAS-2006-Oka-12235-42 oka192 oka134

In this paper Takeshi for some reason missed out the most extraordinary molecules… the polyynes which he and I detected with Lorne Avery ,Norm  Broten and John McLeod…the reason:  A chain of 9 C atoms seemed to me impossible to create in the molecular clouds in which we observed  them…the main reason for doing the experiment which uncovered C60’s existence.  Now with the detection of C60+ in the diffuse ISM by Maier’s group we have a possible explanation…C60+ may be the vehicle which transports the molecular carbon aggregates from the star in which it is formed and perhaps finally broken down by cosmic rays or multiple photon fragmentation into such species as HC9N.

Morinobu Endo  endo02

Mike Maier

John & Mike circa 1956

MAIER CV for Harry 1

Graham Davis



Phil Wyatt    Capture Wyatt


John Nixon   John Nixon


Russ Johnsen      Capture Johnsen


First hand 1946 account of the tremendous value of Pencillin – video


Rich Saykally    Capture Saykally


Jeff Leigh  Capture jeff Leigh


Bill Klemperer klemperer


John Murrell MurrPor12x2


Brenda & Manfred Winnewisser Brenda P. Winnewisser-PCCP-ID CP-PER-04-2014-001443- Manfred-Portrait-9-11-pccp


Alec Douglas   Douglas

Alec was a great guy and he and Phil were very good family friends when we were at NRC.  Alec helped me draft the research proposal that got me a post at Bell Labs.  Alec identified CH+ in the ISM, and C3 in comets and also suggested carbon chains might be carriers of the DIBs … a second reason for carrying out the experiments which uncovered the existence of C60 in 1985. cf Takeshi’s section re Alec

Tony Cheetham   Capture Tony


Nori Shinohara   Capture Nori


 JimHeath  Capture Jim


Sean O’Brien    Capture Sean


David Santry  Capture David Santry

David and I were at Bell Labs in Yoh Han Pao’s group 1966-67.  He pioneered CNDO thery with Pople and Segal. He taught me computing and was the brains behind our two qantum chemistry publications


Capture HK Marg and Dave Murray Hill 1967


Toru Maekawa   toru-maekawa


Sam Harris    Sam_Harris_01

Annaka Harris   A_Harris2_400x400


Richard Dawkins  Description=Richard Dawkins Photograph: Jeremy Young 05-12-2006 photo Jeremy Young 05-12-2006

Cec Costain   atomic_costain Capture Cec and NZer

Jon Hougen     Capture Jon Hougen

Capture Takeshi

Vern Goetz    Capture Vern and Don

 Frank McCourt    Capture with Frank McCourt