Deus Ex Machina

(Homage to Nick  Westwood)


My view on  carbyne

Two ridiculous papers by authors who believe theoretical results are valid … poor refereeing

This below is a hyperflated paper..not uninteresting that single carbon atoms are linked inside a nanotube but this is not carbyne it is a polyyne.  The work has as much to do with carbyne as single H atoms encapsulated in C60 cages has to do with a condensed solid of H atoms…just try to make carbyne!  …but let me know so I can leave the country.

P P K Smith and P R Busek, Science, 1982, 216, 984


Almost 15 years have passed since carbynes entered the literature as new forms of elemental carbon. They recently attracted attention as possible interstellar dust constituents and as carriers of presolar noble gases in meteorites. Their existence and that of the related mineral chaoite are questioned, and a reevaluation of previous data is suggested.

This article indicates it is stable…but where is a sample?