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Letters from me/us below
2003 Letter published in The Times written with Jo Rotblat and supported by all but one UK Nobel Laureate urging Blair and Bush not to attack Iraq

Times Letter with Jo against Iraq War

27 Nobel laureates join Sir Ian McKellen to protest over Russia’s gay ‘propaganda’ ban


2015 Open letter published in The Independent written with John Polanyi and supported by 15 other Nobel Laureates exhorting KAUST to intervene on behalf of Raif Badawi

Open letter to the President of KAUST, SUN JAN 18, 2015-Z


Letters from students

EA Letter Z

 jj Kia ora Sir Harry Kroto



This email from a KAUST academic sums up the problem of our time

Oh dear we hurt his feelings by writing a letter to complain about the torture of Badawi
(1000 lashes 10 years in jail and an exorbitant fine) for writing a liberal blog

Dear Professor Kroto,

I now understand fully where you are getting to. You are like saying: “how dare you saying that you Muslims/Christians/etc are in paradise and I, Harry, and very big number of human beings are all in hell after death just because we are not following your book. Who you to say this?

Before responding in details, I will ask you the same question: “what do you think Harry when you said that me and all Saudis who support Badawi’s punishment are barbaric, backward people?!” Why should I change my belief to take of your feelings, while you are not willing to change your belief to take care of my feelings?!! Why did not you think of our feelings when signed the letter, but ask us to remember you and Sam all the time and “believe” accordingly so we don’t hurt your feelings?!!!

Pretty unbelievable but maybe many think sadistic torture is OK for enlightened criticism

…very dispiriting


1987 Letter criticising our assignment of the C60 MS signal to Buckminsterfullerene