Kraetschmer, Lamb, Fostiropoulos and Huffman


The Heidelberg-Arizona story


Capture c60 crystals

One of the most amazing images of the 20th Century…crystals of elemental carbon!


Don and Wolfgang

 The Sussex effort
cf Nobel Biography and Lecture


The letter below was in response to a request for ca 12k GBP to purchase a mass spectrometer to monitor C60 production in a carbon arc discharge! C’est la vie.  The request was also turned down by BP and Shell.  I made the mistake of thinking that I needed mass spectrometric sensitivity.



Capture Jura Fax

Capture KH Fax
Capture wine red

Image38JonArcPolaroidJon Hare


This is the sample of the C60/C70 mixture extracted by Jonathan Hare 5 days prior to the faxed manuscript of the great paper by Kraetschmer, Lamb, Fostiropoulos and Huffman arriving on my desk at Sussex!

Capture c60 and c70 first samples

Capture nmr brat

Capture nmr c60 circleCapture nmr 60 and 70

It might be noted that the authors of this paper  were given a preliminary copy of our paper before the work was completed and prior to the finished work (ie with details of complete chromatograhic separation and the complete nmr spectrum above) being submitted

C60 Part 3 Extraction Roger

Capture Avent

Tony Avent who measured the first NMR spectrum of C60


The Sussex Team:  HK, Ala’a Abdul Sada, Roger Taylor, Jon Hare and David Walton

Dec2009_5                                With Wolfgang Kraetschmer