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-21   THESZZZ  Education 2006
-20   CiNZ Jan2011_Kroto Left Field Science
-19      Lindau 2015 Mainau boat
-18     NSF FSU C60 researc Paul
-17       Telgraph 2004 HK FSU
-15 Article written after a Interview with Heidi King
 Kroto Harold Edited 10-15-13 MM-HTK
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-3  Nanyang Conference article re HK lecture
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-1   Interview on NPR with Ira Flatow
 0  Crossdisciplinary Research
1    PDF File of transcript of “Creativite Sans Frontieres”
Lecture given in Thailand 2013 cf also the video with this title.
Bridges Kroto transcriptThailand H ZZ Red PDF
 2    The captains of Industry are the only ones with the power to save Humanity
An essay dedicated to Joseph Rotblat
The world has changed and has become ever more dangerous as technology advances placing devastating power in the hands of smaller and smaller groups. The power to achieve ends which benefit society is daily becoming less democratic. Perhaps the most powerful agents in the world today are not (elected!) governments but the very big multinational companies. With power comes major responsibilities which is not clear to me that these responsibilities are recognised as important as I think they should be.
3    An article written in honour of my close friend, colleague and co-researcher Takeshi Oka with whom we discovered the long carbon chains in interstellar space
Oka at NRC ZZ-1
cf also
4 (1-13)       A set (5/13) of opinion articles written for the Times Higher Educational Supplement in 2003/4 THES.
Harry Kroto THES 22 Jan 2003 Jaws was attacking z PDF
Harry Kroto THES 21 Mar 2003 I love quotations
Harry Kroto THES 12 Sept 2003 If Tony Blair had z PDF
Harry Kroto THES 7 Nov 2003 If the key to learning z PDF
Harry Kroto THES 20 Dec 2002 Lack of toys z PDF
     C2W DELFT Newspaper article in Dutch
10     Harry Kroto RSC
11    Article about the problems involves today in supporting fundamental science research
Left Field Science ZZZZ 9 Aug 2011 PDF
12    Article written for Australian chemists about my close friend Sir John (Kappa) Cornforth
Kappa article CH14601
13    Article for Oil magazine on Solar Energy
14    Article for Oil magazine on My 4 out of 5 Rule
in responding to vexed questions searcher has such as the claims with regard to climate change issues etc. Using this rule enables one to explain the way science works in a very effective way.
15    Set of three Essays on the Science/Art interface
Art and Science 0 PDF
Art and Science I PDF
Art and Science II PDF
Art and Science III 08 update PDF